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Mission Partner - Gary Brough Posted on 22 Feb 2021

​Irene Anderson, member of the Presbytery’s World and Community Interests committee; is in regular contact with Gary Brough, Presbytery’s Mission Partner who returned to Malawi just after Christmas and wrote the following to Irene recently:

“Yes, it seems we returned as the second wave was taking hold here. Due to the South African variant it appears and amid people travelling for Christmas. Cases rose quickly across the country but particularly in the cities. Numbers appear to be going down according to official figures but it’s hard to believe they paint a complete picture when testing is hard to access and people are reluctant to test.

As cases rose, hospitals filled up and oxygen supplies have been a particular issue. Schools were closed for 5 weeks but are due to reopen on Monday. Eilidh is excited to get back. No word on Morven’s nursery yet. With the girls home (and having lost her driver’s license) Jacqueline has been home most of the time too. Her new license arrived yesterday so we’re looking forward to a new routine!

I work from home alternate weeks to reduce numbers in the office. Finding my feet again but an uphill battle ahead, COVID has had a big impact on activities and finance. Services are as needed as ever as school closures and economic pressure increase the risks of gender based violence or exploitation by employers.”

#LightForLives Posted on 16 Feb 2021

​On the first anniversary of Lockdown in the UK, 23 March 2021, we invite you to light a candle at 7pm and remember all those who have lost their lives during the last year and their friends and families.


Current Vacancies for Ministers (Charges with permission to Call) Feb 2021 Posted on 15 Feb 2021

Current Vacancies for Ministers (Charges with permission to Call) Feb 2021

Dates stated are those on which latest permission to call was granted. The Right to Call lapses after two years from the initial date of permission unless an extension is granted by the Presbytery.

Hamilton: South linked with Quarter

(3December 2019) [5-Year Reviewable Tenure]:

Interim Moderator – Rev. Ecilo Selemani

Drama Kirk - The Road to Damascus Posted on 15 Feb 2021

Through scripture readings, prayer, poetry and drama we will bring this dramatic moment to life and consider the following questions –

Why did he need such a dramatic conversion?

How did he and his companions react?

How did the early church respond?

We hope this will be an enjoyable evening where we explore these questions together through a range of performances and reflections.

All welcome.

Tuesday 23rd February at 7pm on

You may find it helpful to read Acts 9: 1 – 25 in advance of the study.

The Church of Scotland Presbytery of Hamilton is a charity registered in Scotland No: SC048680.