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The Vacancy Matters Group deals with various aspects of Vacancy Business on behalf of the Presbytery. It provides a pool from which Vacancy Procedure Committees are appointed to act on behalf of Presbytery; and supplemented by members of the Vacancy Support team, also provides personnel to advise Kirk Sessions and congregations on aspects of Vacancy Procedure (Vacancy Advisory Committees). It also offers support, advice, and training (as required) to Interim Moderators serving in vacancies.

Committee Remit

To discharge the responsibilities of Presbytery in relation to any relevant Vacancy Procedures legislation, including Act VIII (2003) (as amended) and Act 1 (2015) (as amended), acting as the group from which Vacancy Procedure Committees shall be appointed by the Moderator and Clerk in terms of Act VIII (2003) (as amended), and from which Vacancy Advisory Committees may be drawn. For the avoidance of doubt: Interim Moderators in vacancies and Vacancy Advisory Committees shall be appointed in each case by the particular Vacancy Procedure Committee appointed in accordance with Act VIII (2003) (as amended).

To offer training and support to those acting as Interim Moderators.

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