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Final preparations are underway for the visit of the Moderator of the General Assembly, the Rt. Rev. Susan Brown, to Hamilton Presbytery. The visit will take place over the period from 9 to 18 March 2019.

During her visit the Moderator will preach at Stonehouse: St Ninian’s LEP on Sunday 10 March, and attend worship with several Blantyre and Hamilton congregations, including the Baptist and the Congregational Churches, at Hamilton: Hillhouse later that evening. On the following Sunday she will attend an “alternative worship” service at East Kilbride: Stewartfield, before participating in a Presbytery praise service in the evening at Airdrie: Cairnlea, at which around 4,000 years of “long service” by office bearers will be recognised.

As well as some congregational activities at East Kilbride and Uddingston Mrs Brown will visit a number of businesses across the Presbytery area, including the Tunnocks factory and Liberty Steel, as well as DBCargo (Railhead), Enable (Scotland) and SEPA, all based at Eurocentral.

During her visit she will also have breakfast with serving Ministers, with Senior Pupils from local secondary schools and meet with Spiritual Care Team members from across Lanarkshire NHS area, as well as visit Crossreach’s Threshold Service offices in Hamilton.

Meetings are also scheduled with the Provosts and some senior officials of both North and South Lanarkshire Councils.

Visits to the West Service Delivery Headquarters of Scottish Fife and Rescue and to the Lanarkshire Mosque and Welfare Centre based in New Stevenston are also on the Moderator’s itinerary.

She will also be in attendance when the Moderator and Clerk of the Presbytery “sign” the Stigma Free Lanarkshire Pledge on behalf of the Presbytery.

It promises to be a very full and varied but stimulating programme of events.

MOVING FORWARD Posted on 14 Feb 2019

​The Business Committee met in special session for two hours yesterday. The matters under consideration were further reform of the Presbytery, and the General Assembly’s instruction for Kirk Sessions to “reflect on the state of decline of the national church.”

With regard to the latter, the Committee discussed how best to facilitate conference involving all Kirk Sessions, and some proposals will be further considered at the regular Business Committee meeting next week.

The “Review question” followed on both from the review advocated by the Christie report of 2014, and the Presbytery Review pilot scheme in which Hamilton took part. A number of ideas were “floated” and will receive further consideration.

PRESBYTERY’S NEW MISSION PARTNER TAKES UP POST Posted on 04 Feb 2019  |  Full Presbytery

Published on Church of Scotland Website 29

January, 2019

Family moves 6,500 miles for their faith

A former charity worker has begun 2019 with a 6,500 mile journey to Malawi with his family where he will take up a Church of Scotland funded post.

Gary Brough, 33, described moving with his wife Jaqueline and two children to Mzuzu in the north of the country as “a real family adventure.”

Promoting human rights

Originally from Kirkcudbright, the former Head of Communications at Christian healthcare charity EMMS International, will spend the next three years promoting human rights

A committed Christian, Mr Brough will work for the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian - Synod of Livingstonia as part of their Church and Society Programme.

“It aims to combat human trafficking, child marriage and gender based violence,” he said.

“People get trafficked from and through Malawi to surrounding countries and beyond for cheap labour and as sex workers.

“I’ve come across some of these situations before. Very often these cases go unreported.

“Often women or girls are not taken seriously and there’s no-one to give representation.”

Amazing work

Another issue in the north of Malawi is a boom in mining and oil exploration which has led to “whole villages being moved without
necessarily being fairly compensated,” he said.

“I’ll also be looking at how the programme can attract funding by showing some of the amazing work that is going on,” he added.

No stranger to the country, Mr Brough has worked extensively with projects based in Africa in his previous job.

“I was attracted to the position as I have a background of working in communications in an international setting,” he explained.

“The role allows the church in Malawi to have its own voice.

“It’s a brand new position for both them and me.

“As a result we hope other churches and organisations will help this vital work to grow and reach those who need it most,” he said.

A calling

Mr Brough describes the change as his family’s “calling” and in the last few months they have been reading up on the country, meeting people connected to
Malawi and even watching YouTube clips with their children.

He will join Dr Linus Manu, who went to Malawi last year to lead the programme’s legal team.

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