Local Church Review Support Committee

About the Local Church Review Support Committee

Operating semi-autonomously under the Superintendence Committee, the members of the Local Church Review support group arrange and carry out visits to congregations, and meet with key office bearers to discuss with them congregational activities and, together, draw up a five year action plan. A report based on the visit(s) will be brought to Presbytery and where support is required to implement the plan the relevant Committee(s) and/or Presbytery staff will be notified. The reports are available via the Local Church Review Support section of the website to members of Presbytery and the title of each report includes the date it was presented to Presbytery.

Committee Remit

To implement, in line with local practice, the requirements of the Local Church Review Act (Act 1 2011) particularly with regard to visiting congregations and preparing a report for Presbytery.

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