Stewardship and Finance Committee

About the Stewardship and Finance Committee

This Committee seeks to promote Christian Stewardship - the use of time, talents and money - within our Congregations and to carry out a number of compliance functions related in particular to Accounts. The Committee is also responsible for the finances of Presbytery itself.

Committee Remit

To promote and encourage Christian Stewardship in congregations within the bounds.

To determine the Ministries and Mission Contributions for congregations in accordance with the Regulations approved by the General Assembly.

To establish an Accounts Inspection Committee to examine and attest Congregational Accounts in accordance with the Regulations of the General Assembly anent Congregational Finance and the requirements of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

To process Vacancy Schedules, in consultation with the Ministries and Property Committees.

To report to Presbytery on the financial requirements of the work currently supported by national and other Funds.

To monitor contributions made by congregations to the central funds of the Church, ensuring that timeous action and resolution is taken in relation to congregations within the bounds experiencing financial difficulties.

To establish and train a Financial Advisory Team to assist congregations having shortfalls in their contributions and to advise on the preparation of Accounts.

To transmit applications for Further Endowment if satisfied with the figures submitted in the Schedules.

To prepare a Budget for submission not later than the November meeting in consultation with the Business Committee. The Budget shall cover all items relating to the administration of the Presbytery and shall cover the period to 31 December following.

To submit for approval a method of assessment of the Budget on congregations to be payable by 28 February.

To supervise the investments of Presbytery and its Funds.

(Standing Orders: 2 September 2014)

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