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Gary Brough, Mission Partner Posted on 17 Jun 2019

​Click on the following link to watch a short video from Gary Brough and family and see how they are settling into their new life in Malawi.

Drama Kirk Presents Posted on 17 Jun 2019

Walk with the Word: Exodus

Drama Kirk presents a dramatised walk, bringing to life Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert this summer. Experience the Exodus anew, from the Red Sea to the Promised Land, on an exciting journey. You will walk with some well-known bible characters and see dramatisations of temptations, trials and miracles.

The walk is less than a mile and the event will last an hour; but does include one steep incline.

It takes place on Saturday 10 August in Chatelherault Country Park at 10am, Noon and 3pm. Tickets are free and are available through Eventbrite -

Mission Partner Posted on 13 May 2019

Dear friends,

Greetings from Mzuzu.

As always, this letter comes with our continued thanks for your prayerful support of our family during our time here in Malawi.

Things have been busy at the Church and Society Programme with a number of funding applications being filed over recent weeks. We were very pleased to have been successful in securing funding for a new mining governance programme. Malawi has a number of natural resources including coal and other minerals which, if well managed, could be of great financial benefit to the country. The challenge is to ensure that mining activities aren’t detrimental to local communities and the environment, and to make sure rural Malawians benefit from the proceeds of their country’s resources. This programme will help people who have been displaced or suffered loss to their livelihoods to get the compensation they deserve.

We also recently received permission from the Chief Commissioner of Malawi’s Prison Service to begin working in prisons in northern Malawi, following a visit to Zomba to plead our case in person. Malawi’s prisons are notoriously overcrowded and under resourced, as a result the conditions for inmates can be horrific and malnutrition is not uncommon. Cells are large crowded rooms, without beds, where prisoners sleep side-by-side and end-to-end. This problem is exacerbated because of large numbers of the prison population being pre-trial detainees. People can spend significant lengths of time in prison awaiting trial, often longer than their potential service if they even are found guilty. Without access to legal support they languish in prison awaiting the slow wheels of justice to turn. With this new consent we can begin working with such prisoners to ensure they have access to justice.

Jacqueline has begun volunteering at the Crisis Nursery in Mzuzu. They care for babies whose mothers have died in childbirth. Families can’t afford expensive baby formula so the nursery looks after the babies until they are weaned and ready to return to their families. They do also receive babies who have been abandoned. It’s just a few doors down from the house and she can take Morven along with her so it’s a good fit for now. She can go in for a few hours two or three times a week and help where needed.

Eilidh finished her first term at school with a great report card and feedback from her teacher. It hasn’t always been easy, but she’s made a few good friends and a classmate has moved in across the road which has really helped. Morven is walking now and we’re glad to be living in a bungalow here.

We took a break at Easter with a few days by Lake Malawi to rest and refresh. After a busy few weeks we welcomed the opportunity to spend time together as a family. We feel very fortunate to have this beautiful lake just an hour from our door, but it was extra special being there to see the sun rise in the morning and the moon at night.

We’re in the middle of election season just now. Presidential, parliamentary and council elections are being held on 21st May. Elections are generally peaceful but, as expected,

feelings are running high and things seem close. We pray that Malawi chooses good leadership and that in turn, those who are elected serve for the benefit of all Malawians.

We’ve started settling into Katawa CCAP church. The church is close to the house and we go to the English service at 7am. A missionary from The Netherlands leads the Sunday School which has helped Eilidh settle into a very different church setting. Services are about 2 hours long and a lot of the components would be familiar to those of a Scottish Presbyterian tradition also. It’s quite a large congregation and so neighbourhood ‘vestries’ meet on Sunday afternoon for another small service or bible study.We made it along to our local group, St John’s, a few weeks ago. We were warmly welcomed and at the end of the meeting they said they would like to welcome us properly and so they would come to our house for the meeting the following Sunday! Thankfully, they brought their own chairs and the weather held out for us as at that week’s meeting had a record 55 members. Visitors from Zambia and curiosity about the new family in the neighbourhood probably added to the number.

Once again, thanks for your friendship, prayers and partnership in this work.

Every blessing,

Gary, Jacqueline, Eilidh and Morven

P.S. A number of you have asked how we’re getting on with the garden. Well, we’re still learning!

We’ve enjoyed our first harvest of beans and maize, and it has been good to be able to share

these with the people who help us with the house and garden. Potatoes and cucumbers were not

such a success, but we’re now enjoying sweet potatoes and expect pumpkins soon too!

Prayer points

Please give thanks for…

‐ The first fruits of working here with the new mining governance programme.

‐ Permission to start working in Malawi’s prisons to help provide access to justice.

‐ A refreshing time away and God’s continued care and provision for our family.

Please pray for…

‐ Upcoming elections, that they would be free, fair and peaceful. Pray also that those who

are elected will work hard to see Malawi development for the benefit of all Malawians.

‐ Katawa CCAP Church, that they would be faithful in the work of the Gospel and that we

would find our place their and know how best to get involved.

‐ The continued challenge of setting priorities for our work when resources are so scarce,

and needs are so great.

LONG SERVICE AWARDS Posted on 18 Mar 2019

Last evening the Moderator presented 90 long-service certificates to office-bearers who attended a Presbytery Praise Service in Airdrie Cairnlea Parish Church. The Service was led by the Moderator of the Presbytery, the Rev. Kevin Mackenzie, assisted by the Rev. Dr Peter Donald, Minister of Airdrie Cairnlea.

The Scriptures were read by Marion McElroy, Andrew Main, and Sheena Walker.

The Moderator of the General Assembly, the Rt. Rev. Susan M Brown, led the congregation, numbering close on 300, in an Affirmation of Faith. She also offered words of congratulation to the certificate recipients, and encouragement to the whole congregation, liking God and the Gospel to the parts of a Tunnock’s Teacake and reminding all of the Church’s role in “unwrapping the teacake” - the Gospel - to that all may enjoy the delicious substance inside, and “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

A number of those who have received long service certificates were unable to be present due to infirmity - but including those, Long Service Certificates totalling more that 4,000 years of service have been issued to Elders and other office-bearers in Hamilton Presbytery in the last year.

The names of those who received long-service certificates on the night were: (listed alphabetically by congregation)

Airdrie: Cairnlea

John Dickson

John Elliot

Alexander Fraser

Frederick Hall

Wilson Meechan

Margaret Paton

Malcolm Ross

William Thomson

John Shanly Watson

Airdrie: High

Moira Denholm

Samuel Johnstone

Airdrie: Jackson

Sadie Kennedy

Frances McCullough

Colin Sansome

Ian Stirrat

John Turnbull

Airdrie: The New Wellwynd

David Gillespie

Fraser Gillespie

James Thomson

David Watt

Blantyre: Livingstone Memorial

Isobel Brodie

Margaret Calder

William Calder

Isabel Simpson

Blantyre: St Andrew’s

Elsie Balneaves

George Greenhorn

Tom Willis

May Shaw


Archibald Bryden

Alan Cowan

John Currie

William Dunlop


Isabel Ford

Marion Waite

Coatbridge: Middle

Elizabeth Martin

Lucy Peat

Agnes Penman


Hilton Brady

Eric Budgell

Philip Fox

East Kilbride: Moncreiff

Edward Shepherd

Hamilton: Gilmour and Whitehill

David Black

Samuel Hewitt

George Main

Alexander Wilkie

Hamilton: Old

Malcolm Cunningham

Agnes Garrett

James Henderson

Malcolm McIntyre

Hamilton: Trinity

Elizabeth Black

Carolyn Breslin

Catherine Hamilton

Jean Hardie

Marion Malley

Hamilton: West

Ronald Frew

Douglas Graham

William Little

John Murray

Robert Ordoyno

John Stewart

Maureen Taylor

Elizabeth Wiper

Larkhall: St Machan’s

Isobel Ogston

Nan Richardson

Linda Turnbull

Motherwell: Crosshill

Danny McIntyre

Motherwell: Dalziel St Andrew’s

James Clark

Motherwell: North

Lawrence Lennie

Thomas Young

Motherwell: St Mary’s

William Clark

Harry Corbett

Les Innes

Alex Miller

Janette Rennie

William Taylor

Newarthill and Carfin

Mary Brown

James Burns

Fred Carroll

Peter Cleland

Tom Murray

Isobel Wotherspoon

New Stevenston: Wrangholm

Kim Jeffrey

Netta Lithgow

Margaret Steven

Shotts: Calderhead Erskine

Nancy McGuffie

Robert Williams

Strathaven: Avendale Old and Drumclog

Margaret Elliot

Mary Moore

Margaret Semple

Wishaw: South Wishaw

James Pettie

Wishaw: Cambusnethan Old and Morningside

James Anderson

William Craig

Ann Paterson

William Scott

William Taylor

Wishaw: St. Mark’s

Nancy Barbour

David Bell

Janice Bell

John Henderson

The names of those who were also granted long-service certificates, but were unable to be present, were:

Airdrie: Jackson

Jean Kane

Airdrie: The New Wellwynd


Harry Shaw

Coatbridge: Middle

Pamela McKeown



Janet Peat



East Kilbride: Moncrieff


East Kilbride: South





Hamilton: Old

Iain Keir


Hamilton: West

James Craig

Ian Hindle

James McNab


Larkhall: St Machan’s



Motherwell: North


John Milne

Newarthill and Carfin




Wishaw: South Wishaw


John Irvine


Wishaw: St Mark’s

James Brown

STEWARTFIELD Posted on 18 Mar 2019

The Moderator spent the morning with the small congregation of Stewartfield, in East Kilbride. Stewartfield is a New Church Development charge, led by the Rev. Douglas Wallace and a Core Group Leadership Team, headed up by Sandra Robb, shadow Session Clerk. It meets weekly for worship in Stewartfield Community Centre at McNeish Way.

After the service, the Moderator and her party proceeded to the adjacent Morrison’s store, where Mr Wallace has an active chaplaincy. The Moderator met staff and customers, and was treated to lunch by the store manage, who expressed himself delighted at having the Moderator visit the store.

STIGMA FREE PLEDGE Posted on 16 Mar 2019

This morning, as witnessed by the Moderator, the Presbytery of Hamilton signed up to the Stigma Free Lanarkshire Pledge​.

Stigma Free Lanarkshire works closely with Lanarkshire Recovery Network, NHS Lanarkshire and See Me colleagues, and other key stakeholders, to tackle the negative stigma often associated with mental ill-health.

It aims to create inclusive systems, culture and practice as well as encouraging opportunities for contact between those who experience stigma and those who perpetrate it.

The Presbytery, on whose behalf the pledge was signed by the Moderator, the Rev. Kevin Mackenzie, and the Clerk, the Rev. Dr Gordon A McCracken, has committed itself to develop and participate in an Action Plan which will include:

- An autumn event with key note speaker, arranged by the Church and Society Committee, to raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health and the stigma associated with it;

- Designating a Mental Health and Wellbeing Sunday for which appropriate liturgical material will be made available for congregational use;

- Collating and publicising existing work within congregations which contributes to good mental health; and

- Urging all congregations to engage with the Stigma Free Lanarkshire team, and to consider contextual local responses to mental illness and the associated stigma.

Those gathering to witness the signing ceremony were addressed by Jenny Hutton, Public Mental Health & Wellbeing Development Manager, NHS Lanarkshire, and by the Rev. Derek Pope, Convener of the Presbytery Church and Society Committee.

The Moderator of the General Assembly, also spoke, offering words of encouragement and sharing something of her conversations around this subject with young people from different parts of Lanarkshire and with Council Officials.

Present at the signing were (as pictured left to right): the Rev. Dr Gordon McCracken, the Rt. Rev. Susan Brown, Jenny Hutton, the Rev. Derek Pope, and the Rev. Kevin Mackenzie.

Also present from Stigma Free Lanarkshire were Avril Cutler, Programme Co-ordinator; Audrey Bremner, Development Officer; Rachel Bottomley, Development Officer, and Gerald Szafranek, Administrator/IT; and from the Presbytery, Roberta Hutton, former Moderator; and Elizabeth Cruickshank, PA to the Presbytery Clerk.

The Church of Scotland Presbytery of Hamilton is a charity registered in Scotland No: SC048680.