Property Committee

About the Property Committee

Dear Colleagues,

Mr Alan Vesey has succeeded Mr Bill Calder as Property Convener. He has agreed to be in post until 31 December at which time Hamilton Presbytery will be dissolved and become part of the new Presbytery of Lanarkshire/ Lanarkshire Presbytery.

Mrs Evelyn Dickson (Property Consultant) continues in post and is always willing to advise on property matters which require professional input.

Committee Remit

To be a resource to congregations seeking advice and guidance on property matters in conjunction with the General Trustees and the Church Art and Architecture Committee (CARTA).

To encourage and support congregations who are creating spaces conducive to worship and mission.

To work appropriately with other Presbytery committees to offer pastoral support, particularly in situations where property matters is a contributory factor.

To arrange for the annual inspection of property registers and to administer the five yearly inspection of properties.

To disseminate to congregations advice and information received from other bodies with expertise on property related matters.

To arrange for manse inspections or survey of buildings, as appropriate, during a congregation’s period of vacancy.

To make recommendations to Presbytery on property works in conformity with applicable General Assembly Regulations. Any request from a congregation for work to be undertaken, the cost of which exceeds the financial limit set by the General Assembly, will, upon receipt by the Committee and before any determination by the Committee be referred to the Local Church Review and Implementation Committee for its opinion in terms of the Regulations as it relates to Planning implications, in particular the likelihood of he building being required by the congregation in the medium to long term, and to the Stewardship and Finance Committee for its opinion in terms of the Regulations as it relates to the impact of the proposed works expenditure on the congregation’s other commitments such as contributions towards ministries and mission allocations. The convenor of the Local Church Review and Implementation and Stewardship and Finance Committees shall have discretion to offer views to the Property Committee on behalf of their respective committees where, in their opinion, there are unlikely to be any adverse implications and advise their respective committees accordingly at the next meeting. Applications exceeding the financial limit shall be referred to the Presbytery for consideration and, if thought fit, approval, where either the Planning and Implementation or Stewardship and Finance Committees offer an opinion which is not supportive of an application.

Delegated powers:

To dispose of all applications in respect of fabric and furnishings, other than those applications covered by the Remit above.

(Standing Orders: 06 September 2016)

Committee News

No news articles have been published by this committee.

The Church of Scotland Presbytery of Hamilton is a charity registered in Scotland No: SC048680.