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Doing it differentlyMEDDO (Congregational)Community Engagement

This short video can be used to suggest or stimulate the thinking of the group or committee tasked to makes suggestions. It may also be valuable before conducting a community survey in order to examine the gifts and the needs of a community.

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Bible Study for Kirk Sessions and Mission GroupsMEDDO (Congregational)

This short Bible Study is designed to stimulate Kirk Sessions and other groups within the Church tasked with prioritising the shape of the future mission.

Ugly Duckling ResourcesMEDDO (Congregational)General resources

A website run by a company who produce resources to stimulate meaningful conversations. This includes a selection of Table Talk games for specific age groups - adults & children and young people.

Future Focus:  the way aheadMEDDO (Congregational)Community Engagement

Future focus is essentially a spiritual process that a whole congregation engages in together. It is designed to be used by an external facilitator working alongside a congregation or grouping. If you are interested in exploring this for your congregation, please get in touch with Rev Linda Walker.

Reformed, Reforming, Emerging and ExperimentingMEDDO (Congregational)Mission

This report, written by Prof J Drane, was presented at the 2012 General Assembly and commended to the Church as a seminal work in understanding the cultural issues of today and how the Church's mission can respond and adapt to them.

Exploring the God QuestionMEDDO (Congregational)Discipleship

The core publication consists of three 1-hour DVDs, each in two 30-min parts. The three themes are: The Cosmos Life and Evolution Mind and Consciousness Within each DVD the format is that a large number of speakers are figured, usually talking informally to an off-camera interviewer. Their contributions are interspersed by comments from a narrator, and by visual images. A good number of these images are splendid photographs and graphic sequences of scientific subjects, from botanical to astronomical, more or less apposite to the adjacent spoken contributions. As well as "Exploring the God question" for adults, there is also a version "Introducing the God question" for young adults.

Connecting with the local community - Go for it!MEDDO (Congregational)Community Engagement

If you have an idea for a project that will help you connect with your local community, then you may be eligible for Go for it! funding. All the information you need is on the website, including case studies, resources and the application paperwork.

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God among usMEDDO (Congregational)Worship

The pack, produced by Sanctuary First, offers everything required to run a Christmas-themed service. The downloadable pack is approx. 150mb in size (ZIP format), and contains the following: Service Guide (PDF) ‘Christmas in Chocolate’ script (PDF) ‘Christmas in Chocolate’ PowerPoint presentation. VIDEO: Christmas Greetings. VIDEO: Theme Introduction. VIDEO: Holy Potato. VIDEO: One of Us. ‘Polythene Christmas’ PowerPoint presentation. Supporting promotional images.

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