Hamilton: South

Linked with Quarter

Hamilton South Parish Church

The parish of Hamilton South serves a small area on the SE edge of the town and is linked with Quarter Parish Church, a suburb with its roots as a mining community. You can find out more about what’s going on by checking out their Facebook page - just click on the Facebook icon.

The church recognises its role within the community and encourages the use of the church halls for community activities. It also recognises the importance of a focus on mission and has organised and publicised events for all in the parish to attend.

Tel: 01698 281014

1 Mill Road




Rev Drew Gebbie

Limekilnburn Road Quarter ML3 7XA
Worship Times
Sunday Morning Worship: 11.15am
Sunday Evening Worship First Sunday of Month 6.30pm (Sept-June)
Wed. Mid-Week Meeting Worship Prayer and Social 9.30am

The Church of Scotland Presbytery of Hamilton is a charity registered in Scotland No: SC048680.