Airdrie: Cairnlea

Linked with Calderbank

Airdrie Cairnlea Parish Church

Cairnlea Parish Church linked with Calderbank is a Church of Scotland congregation in Airdrie seeking to work for the Glory of God. Whether you are living, working or visiting Airdrie we welcome you.

Cairnlea Parish Church is a newly united church brought about by the Union of Broomknoll Parish Church and Flowerhill Parish Church.

This is a very exciting time for the Church in Airdrie and for our Parish which now takes in Gartlea and Cairnhill.

The church Services will be conducted in the Sanctuary of the former Flowerhill Parish Church until such time as the future of the building is decided.

The parish profile will be available on the church website shortly.



84 Johnston Street




Rev Dr Peter Donald

Cairnlea Parish Church Manse 31 Victoria Place Airdrie ML6 9BU

Tel: 01236 753159

Worship Times
Sunday worship 11.00
Key Contacts

David Calvert
– Session Clerk
Tel: 01236 752692

Craig Addies
– Session Clerk
Tel: 01236 621184

Aileen Barrie
– Presbytery Elder
Tel: 01236 760655

Mr J Shanly Watson
– Treasurer

Colin Wright
– Property Convener

Mr Irvine Wright
– Safeguarding Co-ordinator
Tel: 01236 763578

The Church of Scotland Presbytery of Hamilton is a charity registered in Scotland No: SC048680.