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Drama Kirk - 26 October 7pm Posted on 07 Oct 2021

Paul – A Man Changed Forever. The Third Missionary Journey.

Drama Kirk’s travels with Paul continue as we dramatise his third missionary journey, leading him ever onwards to Rome.

This episode covers Acts 19 – 28. You may find it helpful toread these chapters in advance of the study – or simply join us and enjoy exploring these scenes together. There is a great deal of drama in these chapters – from imprisonment and riots to snake bites and shipwreck.

We explore questions such as how Paul deals with these hardships, why he ignored the warnings and the importance of love in our churches today.

All welcome - join us Tues 26th October 7pm on

If you join live, you can use the chat functionality to engage with others on the broadcast. You can also catch up any time afterwards.

Join us and learn a wee bit more about the man who did so much to shape the Christian church.

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